Partner with us to make learning available to all. We believe an Ambleside education changes children, families, our city, and our world for the better. Prayerfully consider providing this life-changing learning to students in need.

We are grateful for how the generosity of donors like you makes it possible for Ambleside students and families to flourish each year!

Our children are facing more challenges than ever before, and many parents feel lost and helpless in the face of a declining education system and a changing culture. Fragmenting moral norms, news that American students are falling behind academically compared to the rest of the world, and new technology and social media culture are making many American parents count anxiety, exhaustion, and guilt as constant companions in their lives. Our world continues to cry out for a better way. Parents long for help to prepare children to live a full, rich, and faithful life. Children and adolescents are increasingly hungry for communities where they are known and seen as persons made in God’s image, not just as data points, problems, or products.

Ambleside cultivates learning, character, and faith in children and families in a caring and peaceful atmosphere. We are committed to empowering families to thrive where they are planted, and, ultimately, to redeem education in the Denver area and beyond. We see children as whole persons, and we foster rich relationships at school, where everyone learns, grows, and is truly known.  We know that only education centered on Christ has truth and purpose, and we disciple children to follow Him faithfully in their lives at school, home, and beyond.


Our school is growing in the number of children reached and in classroom excellence. Our team of committed and experienced teachers continue to refine their craft where it really matters – toward excellent learning and discipleship in the classroom. Our school continues to be economically diverse and a place where children share a classroom together whether their family can afford to pay the tuition in its entirety or with the help of tuition assistance.  In fact, this year we distributed over 14% of our budget to 9% of students/families who wouldn’t be able to attend Ambleside otherwise.


If you are in a position to give, we would be honored by your partnership in this way. Our goal is to see 100% of our tuition assistance need met by givers like you. Thanks in advance for partnering with us to help make flourishing possible for every family in the Denver area.