It is the mission of Ambleside at Skylark to cultivate what Charlotte Mason called a "living education." It is not just about facts and figures to memorize for an exam. It is about ideas! Like food is necessary for the body to grow and be nourished, so are ideas to the mind. Curiosity is driven by ideas and we want to cultivate this innate curiosity by informing the mind with a rich and plentiful curriculum, guiding the formation of excellent habits and building a partnership between home and school. 


  • When my daughter began having trouble in school and when being bullied became a near daily occurrence; we sought out Ambleside at Skylark. After her first day, just visiting the school, the spark and determination in my daughter had returned; her level of self esteem increased daily and even through distance learning, she didn't forget what she's capable of, nor did she forget the expectations of her teachers. Her teachers hold her accountable in the classroom; and when the classroom moved to our home and zoom calls, that same accountability was expected; not just of my daughter, but that the teachers held of themselves with the same high standard we had quickly come to know and appreciate of the school. I can't imagine how far behind my daughter may have fallen behind. Although our family is excited to return to a classroom next fall, should the inevitable happen, and distance learning again be implemented; I can say without a doubt, we will remain a part of the Skylark family. The school and the staff have been a blessing to us that can not be easily dismissed.
  • Ambleside at Skylark was a place my son could transfer to and immediately make friends and increase his academic performance. His previous school had limited communication and advanced social peer relations. We are so thankful our son has a place at Skylark where he can see a high bar of education and have the incredible teaching and empathetic care alongside as he pushes himself toward a new level of academics. The coronavirus quarantine made me acutely aware that I am not gifted in homeschooling and deeply need the excellence in academic planning that Skylark offers should the virus resurface next year. We are grateful for all Skylark has done for my child.
  • We have watched our children blossom in their time at Ambleside. Struggle has been a part of the growth, whether remembering the details of a narration or where to correctly place their bow on the violin. But through these struggles, they are learning habits and life skills to problem solve or correct mistakes. They have started to see the good in a struggle and how to overcome it.
  • I asked my son how his day at school was today, he replied, “Wonderful!”
  • We want to express our gratitude for Ambleside at Skylark as well as our thoughts and feelings on how the school has and will continue to impact our lives. Our choices were limited living in the valley, and we knew homeschooling and public schools were not going to work for us. When we found out about Ambleside at Skylark opening it sounded too good to be true. After meeting with Nicole Wenger and then reading Charlotte Mason’s teaching philosophy we realized that our prayers had been answered. We have been at the school since it opened and are amazed to witness the growth, maturity, and self-discipline our son has developed which is due to amazing staff at Ambleside. Knowing the foundation of the school is built on a Christian understanding of life, while being surrounded by people who hold the same beliefs we do, has given the two of us peace of mind and helps us to implement this philosophy of learning into all aspects of our lives.
  • This is our first year with our children at the school and it has been a pure joy to see them grow and develop in so many ways. They amaze us daily by reciting so many texts, by singing all the beautiful songs they learn throughout the week, and by demonstrating what they learn at school. We love to watch them grow in knowledge, in wisdom and character.

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